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Indication for use

  • KegelCore is a pelvic floor muscle toner and exerciser designed to treat stress, mild to moderate urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women.  Through exercise, KegelCore strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The device is intended for use at home and provides biofeedback to the user via smart phone technology.
  • The intended users of KegelCore are adult women.
  • KegelCore is a medical device, but is not intended to make a diagnosis of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or any other condition.
  • KegelCore is intended for use by a sole user; and should not be shared with anyone.


Do not use your KegelCore if you

  • Have abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding.*
  • Are experiencing back pain for which you are taking pain relief medication.*
  • Have recently had surgery.*
  • Have symptoms of a bladder or vaginal infection.*
  • Have a history of urinary retention (difficulty urinating).*
  • Have a vaginal anatomy or build that doesn’t permit proper insertion of your KegelCore.”
  • Have severe vaginal prolapse.*

*Consult your doctor before using your KegelCore if you have any of the conditions indicated with an asterisk (*) or if you have any other concerns regarding its use.  Using your KegelCore in the presence of any of these may affect an underlying condition.