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Where can I find a KegelCore?
KegelCore is available without a prescription .


The floor is yours! We’re answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about pelvic floor health and fitness, Kegel exercises, and the KegelCore.

“I’ve done Kegel exercises before and they don’t work…why would the KegelCore be different?” or “Why can’t I just stop my urine midstream to exercise my pelvic floor muscles?”

The answer to both of those questions is that, generally, unguided Kegel exercises may result in not targeting the exact muscles needed to support the organs; in fact, over 60% women cannot perform a Kegel contraction properly. And, we may clench muscles other than the pelvic floor muscles, like those in the vaginal wall, the abdomen, or the buttocks.

“I’m a mom. I usually use a panty liner for those inevitable leaks. Isn’t this par for the course?”

Although many women do resort to pads or panty liners to manage the issue and prevent embarrassment, they are not ideal for our vulval health: they do not allow air to circulate around the tissue, and many women report itchiness, odour and discomfort with frequent use of pads.

It cannot be stressed enough that you should not – must not! – depend on liners or pads. Involuntary urine leaks when you laugh, sneeze, or stand up (among other scenarios) are NOT an inevitable part being a mother or aging.

If you have urine leaks, your pelvic floor needs help. It won’t get better if ignored. As upsetting as urine leaks are, it can sometimes progress to bowel leakage as well. It affects your confidence, quality of life, and can even affect your intimate relationships. Take control with  KegelCore. Also, consider the long-term financial outlay for pads; not to mention the number of pads that end up in landfill! Leaking urine does not have to be something you live with. Take steps now to take back control of your life, love, and laughter!

“Where do I find information on the KegelCore warranty?”

The full KegelCore warranty information can be found here.

For a more thorough look at how you can set up, use, and maintain your KegelCore, download the complete User Guide here. You are now one step closer to having a stronger and healthier pelvic floor!

KegelCore: Inner control. Outer confidence.

If you have questions, please check our FAQ section to see if it appears there. You can also e-mail or telephone us – we are as passionate about helping women as we are about the KegelCore!